attention us:
MyGenostics Inc was established in Beijing in November 2011, focusing on the clinical and research application of next generation sequencing. Each of our products and services uses a patented technology to capture both strands of genomic target regions - this is a unique attribute and advantage of GenCapTM. We are focused on providing the best capture capabilities on the market, and our technology can reduce sequencing costs by delivering superior evenness. 

With facility in both USA and China, MyGenostics has already collaborated with a large number of universities, hospitals and research organizations in both countries including John Hopkins University, University of Washington, Beijing Union Hospital, China PLA General Hospital, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Beijing Anzhen Hospital, Xijing Hospital and so on. The collaborators have published dozens of scientific research papers in the most prestige journals including Nature, Science, Nature Genetics. 

Meanwhile, MyGenostics has conducted more than 30,000 clinical tests, which greatly verified the reproducibility and accuracy of GenCapTM technology.